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North of Normal—Fargo is a Midwestern Gem

Fargo is home to a surprising array of cultural influences, attractions, and activities

When you hear “Fargo,” what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Before you think of snow and the iconic film, there’s a lot more to discover in this captivating city than meets the eye! Fargo is where delightful charm meets unexpected adventures. Get LOST IN a world of funky flavors, Nordic culture, and unforgettable experiences that will leave you yearning for more.

The downtown area of Fargo welcomes you with a variety of options to walk around and explore. From the colorful wall art murals and to the iconic painted bison sculptures all over town, strolling through Fargo feels like being in a live art gallery where every street corner tells a story. Fargo is more than just a city—it’s a narrative of the past, present, and the future. It’s a melting pot of history, art, nature, and entertainment that takes in and involves its visitors and evokes the feeling that, by the end of your journey, you won’t just be a traveler; you’ll be a part of Fargo’s ever-evolving story. The city’s seamless blend of historic old-world charm and fresh new-age vibes is as unique as its diverse array of attractions.

Movie buff? No trip to Fargo would be complete without a pilgrimage to see the “Woodchip Marge” statue at the Fargo Theatre, a premier entertainment destination since 1926 that now serves as an art house theater featuring independent, foreign, and classic films. You may even be able to catch the resident 1996 Academy Award-winning Cohen Brothers film named for the city in this historic art deco gem located in downtown Fargo! This theatre isn’t just an entertainment hub but a chronicle of the city’s love affair with films, and has become one of Fargo’s hottest venues for concerts, live events and performances of all kinds as well. While you’re enjoying the vintage vibes, don’t forget to take a selfie with the iconic marquee in the background.

While journeying across the flat topography of the Upper Plains, you’ll find that Fargo lounges alongside the Red River. In the Red River Valley, there is always something to discover—especially in the heart of summer, where the sun stays up late and every sunset promises a show unlike any you’ll find elsewhere. Fargo has unmatched landscapes, thanks to the ancient Lake Agassiz that drained away over 9,000 years ago. What remains today is some of the most fertile, rich-soiled land in the world, perfect for agricultural use. It was this fertile soil that first attracted Norwegian immigrants to the area in the 1870s, a time when Norway lacked farmland and new treaties were opening up the region to settlers hearing of the fertile opportunities in the New World in a landscape not entirely unlike their own.

Today, one in three North Dakotans is of Norwegian heritage, giving Fargo a personality and uniqueness that derives so much from its deep Scandinavian heritage. Get LOST IN the Norwegian fun with a rowdy Viking-inspired invasion of Drekker Brewery, which began its life in 1880, before North Dakota was even a state! Drekker is located in Brewhalla, a food & entertainment wonderland and self-described “good times factory” featuring a vintage pinball palace with musicians, as well as craft vendors and chefs that bring the Viking age to life! Made up entirely of locally owned small businesses, the Brewhalla Market is quintessential Fargo, “dontcha know!” The Brewhalla Hotel offers an artistic retreat with each room displaying vibrant art, each room customized with a different giant mural of Drekker’s famous can artwork.

In the grand tapestry of American cities, Fargo emerges not just as a dot on the map, but as a cool, colorful destination full of flavor. If you love history, the streets tell tales both old and new, and the city’s energy is alive. If you’re an eager traveler looking for your next adventure, or a Viking at heart looking for new lands to pillage, Fargo is a treasure chest waiting to be opened like a can of Drekker beer. Don’t wait! Pack your bags, mark that calendar, and book your trip to Fargo. The best stories are those lived and remembered, and Fargo promises a chapter you will cherish forever.

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